Rose, Lavender & Jojoba Massage Cream
Rose contain anthocynanides which have remarkable anti-elastase properties (prevents the elastin of the skin to regrade) and also have capillary blood vessels capillary blood vessels strengthening function jojoba has great effect on fighting wrinkles,having natural moisturizing and healing effect on the skin,on combination with lavender which is active against lipid oxidation and inhibits elastase is useful in combinations countering aging.All these give a soft, supple,vibrant, youthful & glowing skin from within INGREDIENTS:extract of rose petals,lavender,jojoba, mineral oil, glycerine & base to q.s.Method of use:apply all over the face, forehead neck &other parts of upward and outward circular movement for about 10 min. Gently messaging the skin, remove with moist cotton.
Pack Size.90gm              Rs.40
Skin food Cream Herbalife
Like other tissues of the body the skin also requres food for the maintenance of it's structure and metabolic activities.The need of the skin are enoromous as it has to constantly product new cells to replace worn off keratinized cells This preparation rich in skins essential oil prevents and reduces wrinkles, laugh line & elasticity of the skin.An excellent cream which refined skin texture, tone up facial muscles,cell regeneration.It is useful for all skin types.KEY INGREDIENTS:olive oil, wheatgerm oil,almond oil, mineral oil base to q.s.METHOD OF USE: Thereplenishing preparations should be applied always before going to the bed for night sleep.after cleansing your face wipe of your face with soft cloth to dry the skin.
Pack Size.90gm              Rs.180
Lemon, Aloevera & TurmericMassage Cream
Lemon, on the skin clear up greasy congested complexion
and is useful for softening scar
tissues. Aloevera combine with turmeric, to make on excellent soothing treatment for skin.Its
superb antioxidant effect is effective to help prevent skin damage from all form of radiation and reduces wrinkles & produces a soft,glowing, spotless & smooth skin.INGREDIENTS : Extracts of Lemon, Aloevera,turmeric, Glycerine, Mineral Oil & base to q.s.METHOD OF USE :Apply all over the face forehead, neck & other parts of upward and outward circular movement for about 10 min.Gently messaging the skin,remove with moist cotton.
Pack Size.100gm              Rs.50
Herbal Fairness Cream With Chandan Haldi Kesar
Chandan improves complexion, add ssheer and enhance beauty
without penetrating deep down
your skin to give a glowing fairness from within.This helps in
improving the complexion and give an even tone to skin by increasing the secretion of white melanin & restricting the secretion of dark melanin. this is useful for normal skin to combination skin.Ingredients : Extracts of turmeric,sandalwood, honey, glycerine and base to q.s.
Pack Size.100gm              Rs.50
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